History of Island House

The house was purchased in 1991, and has been in a constant state of renovation since the day we walked through the front door. We have tried to bring this wonderful old house back to her original beauty, with the addition of some modern conveniences for our guests’ comfort.

The building has been here since the early 1900s, and has stood through many storms, hurricanes, a fire, an explosion, numerous owners (who were not always kind to her), and at one time she was a two unit apartment house.

The original house did not have baths, was heated by coal stoves, and the kitchen was not attached to the main house. The original kitchen interior was destroyed by a fire along with the porches once wrapped around the kitchen. The fire damage extended into the dining room and living room areas of the house.

The remainder of the house has all the original wood flooring and walls, and most of the glass is the old wavy glass. All the wood to construct the house was cut and sized on the property, and the nails were forged here as well. The original property was over twenty six acres, and was subdivided over the years.

The original owner, George B. Midgett, was a U.S. Coast guardsman who was stationed on Hatteras Island, and commuted to his duty station from Mill Landing just a short distance down what is now Rt. 345. Mr. Midgett’s family still own the property on the north and west sides of our property.