3 Myths About Bed and Breakfasts

3 Myths About Bed and Breakfasts

When you’re traveling, it can be hard to find a nice spot to stay that doesn’t break the bank. Although it’s easy to book a stay at the closest hotel, you may not receive the same memorable experience as you would be staying somewhere more personal, like a bed and breakfast inn.

Bed and breakfasts are cozy, unique, and offer a variety of services that can make your travels memorable. However, there are still myths that surface about bed and breakfast inns that are far from the truth. Here are some of the myths that are associated with bed and breakfasts.

Myth #1 You Must Share Bathrooms When Staying in a Bed and Breakfast

A long believed myth that is associated with bed and breakfasts is that all guests must share a bathroom throughout their stay. Although we can’t speak for all B&B’s, however, almost all inns include each guest to have their private baths and showers. Your innkeepers know how important privacy is to you, which is why they even add additional features such as Jacuzzi size tubs, hairdryers, and other amenities you may need to make your stay more enjoyable and personal.

Myth #2 Bed and Breakfasts Aren’t Romantic

Often, people associate B&B’s with little or no privacy, making them not a romantic spot for you and your loved one to stay. We can proudly share that’s far from the truth! Bed and breakfasts are very romantic and can make for a cozy stay. Some places like Island House of Wanchese Bed and Breakfast, offer extra services like flowers, roses, sparkling wine, cheese trays, and picnic baskets for the beach, for you and your loved one to enjoy together!

Myth #3 The Innkeepers Make Something Quick for Breakfast

Your innkeepers put a lot of time and thought into preparing a meal for you that’s healthy and filling. One of the many perks of staying at a B&B is that breakfast is provided, so your innkeepers work extremely hard to make that a memorable part of your stay. If you know that you have any dietary restrictions, remember to let your innkeepers know ahead of time!

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