4 Reasons to Stay at a Bed & Breakfast for Your Next Vacation

4 Reasons to Stay at a Bed & Breakfast for Your Next Vacation

When planning a vacation, it’s easy to quickly book a stay at whatever chain hotel is nearby. However, staying at a bed & breakfast instead can add a charming and unique experience to your trip.

Here are just a few reasons why you should stay at a B&B on your next getaway!

1. Unparalleled service

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits to staying at a hotel, but oftentimes, B&Bs have all of those same benefits plus more!

Employees can usually answer any questions that a typical concierge would. Plus, they can offer personalized service due to the smaller number of guests.

2. Better breakfastBed and Breakfast near Outer Banks

Although B&B stands for bed & breakfast, it should also stand for better breakfast.

Forget continental breakfast! Many B&Bs offer a home-cooked meal every morning—and with less people to accommodate, they can take into consideration any special dietary needs you have. We offer a country style buffet breakfast every morning for guests to enjoy before embarking on their day.

3. Fun perks and free amenities

Hotels usually offer many amenities—for a cost. When Wi-Fi, parking, snacks, etc. are all extra expenses, your bill can add up fast. B&B’s usually offer all of these with no extra fees. Some even allow guests to borrow things like beach chairs, umbrellas, and more if you’re vacationing by water.

Also, few hotels offer perks like a guest pantry stocked with snacks to munch on for free!

4. Unique rooms for a unique experience

B&Bs are full of charm and offer a unique experience as opposed to your standard hotel room. With antique rooms and extra areas to roam like libraries, gazebos and more, your B&B experience will add an extra element of fun and relaxation to your trip.

Interested in trying out a B&B for yourself? At Island House Bed & Breakfast of Wanchese, we will make sure your trip to the Outer Banks is one to remember. Explore our current specials and give us a call at 252-473-5619 to book your stay!

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  1. I loved what you said about how B&Bs are full of charm and offer unique experiences in comparison to a standard hotel room. My husband and I want to go to a weekend getaway and want to try a B&B instead of a hotel since we both like getting to know the locals. Thank you for the information about how a lot of these also have antique rooms and extra areas like libraries and gazebos.

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