Bed and Breakfast Etiquette

Bed and Breakfast Etiquette

When planning a trip, people are starting to stray away from hotel services and are choosing a more affordable option of bed and breakfast inns. Bed and breakfasts give you a relaxing escape and a safe place to stay. You can find them nearly anywhere you travel. They offer cozy rooms, an authentic atmosphere, and spectacular service. The locals who run them aim to give you the best experience, so show your appreciation by being an amazing guest.

Treat the House with Respect

Always remember that you’re staying in someone’s home whenever you lodge at a bed and breakfast. It would be best if you treated it with the same respect that you’d expect someone to treat your home. Many people who run a bed and breakfast often live there, so make sure that you are returning any items that belong to them, and never bring them outside of the house without permission. Don’t forget to pick up after yourself, especially if you’re sharing that space with other guests.

Ask About the House Rules

Are you thinking of bringing your pet? Are you trying to check-in early? Before you assume the answers to those questions, always ask about the house rules upon your arrival. Every bed and breakfast has their own rules. If you have children with you, make sure that they’re aware of the rules, and they follow them, being mindful of the other guests in the house.

Communicate with the Innkeepers

Bed and breakfasts provide services and resources for you that are often on somewhat of a schedule. If you don’t plan on attending the breakfast that they provide for you, make sure you tell them in advance. Also, disclose if you have any dietary restrictions before you arrive. Lastly, you should communicate your arrival time with them, especially if you’re experiencing any delays or you’re ahead of schedule.

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

At the end of your stay, don’t forget to thank the innkeepers. You can do this verbally or make it more personal by writing a thank you note. If their website allows, you can leave a positive review about your stay.

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