Valentine’s Day on Roanoke Island

Valentine’s Day on Roanoke Island

Are you stopping in the area this Wednesday? You’re in luck; there is plenty to do and see on the Island, especially for those who enjoy the great outdoors, and our area has a lot of history waiting to be explored.

Here are just a few attractions you can visit while on your stay on Roanoke Island in North Carolina this Valentine’s Day.

The North Carolina Aquarium

People who are visiting the Outer Banks will want to check out the 68,000-square-foot aquarium that keeps guests entertained every year. You can touch a stingray, play with sea turtles, and watch horseshoe crabs dance in the water. The aquarium features aquatic life that has been preserved from marshlands located in Dare and Currituck counties. On your exit out of the aquarium, you won’t want to miss the Graveyard of the Atlantic, a 35 foot-long glass window where guests can watch the state’s largest collection of sharks cut through the water and zip past your face!

The Lost Colony

The Lost Colony of Roanoke is an enigmatic mystery you can read about in almost every high school history class text. In the late 1500s, English settlers traveled ashore and landed on Roanoke Island at the behest of Elizabeth I. They were to establish England’s dominant worldly presence in the New World, but three short years later, the colony and its people vanished. The only remaining evidence of the colony’s residency was an etching carved in an abandoned structure. It read “CROATOAN.” Today, the Lost Colony of Roanoke remains a mystery to historians, but locals still talk about this moment in history through storytelling art and artifacts. You can learn about the colony when you visit the Roanoke Adventure Museum with your loved one.

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