What Makes Roanoke Island a Great Vacation Destination?

What Makes Roanoke Island a Great Vacation Destination?

While many think of summer as the only time for vacations, the truth is vacations can be taken year-round! While some locations have better activities for certain seasons, Roanoke Island, NC, has great activities and events year-round!

Below are a few reasons why Roanoke Island is a great vacation destination!

The Things to Do

There are many activities of all types to enjoy on Roanoke Island! Some examples are:

  • Aquariums
  • Beaches
  • Shops
  • Museums
  • Fishing Charters
  • Parks
  • Historical Sites
  • Restaurants
  • Did we mention the beaches?

Not to mention there are many seasonal events and activities for you to enjoy!

The Location

Bordered by the Outer Banks, Roanoke Island is a beautifully quaint island. It is perfect for all ages and families of all sizes!

Another benefit of the location is that many places are within easy access to each other; that is to say, if some in the group want to take a trip to the museum while others want to fish, both groups can do so without having to travel far!

The History

Of course, many know the history of Roanoke. This only adds to the list of reasons to visit! Not only is the history vast and interesting in and of itself, but the way it is incorporated into Roanoke Island adds to the fun! There are several different ways to get information and the history of the island:

  • Plays and Reenactments
  • Museums and Historic Centers
  • Word of Mouth!

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