How to Pick Your Honeymoon Destination

Secluded beaches, quaint forests, arching mountains…there are often too many places to choose from when deciding on your honeymoon destination. It can get especially complicated if you and your significant other have different ideas concerning where you should go. However, there are ways to make the process easier:

Make a listHow to Pick Your Honeymoon Destination

First thing’s first—make a list of all of the possible destinations that come to mind. Once you have a list of options, it’ll be easier to sort through them and see if you and your fiancé have any overlapping interests. Even if you don’t come up with the same locations, you can at least narrow down on locations that are similar.

Don’t forget your budget

As nice as a trip to Hawaii may sound, if it’s not within your budget, then it shouldn’t be on your list. Figure out how much you can spend on your honeymoon, then determine what kinds of destinations will fit within your price range. Before you know it, you’ll likely have just a handful options from your original list.

Consider the weather

Of course, if you’re planning your honeymoon months in advance, it’ll be hard to tell if it’ll rain the entire time you’re there. However, you can get a good idea of what the weather may be like by looking at past weather trends for the month you’re planning to go.

Think about what you’d like to do

Love horseback riding? Museums? Fishing? Then be sure you pick a place that offers those things. An important part of the honeymoon experience is having things to do that you both enjoy, so consider your shared interests as you’re narrowing down on your options.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect destination, it’s then time to decide on the perfect place to stay. If you’re planning to come to Roanoke Island for your honeymoon, then consider staying at Island House of Wanchese. Look through our special romantic packages or book your reservation today!

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