3 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Roanoke Island, NC

3 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Roanoke Island, NC

As you prepare to take some time to relax this summer, consider taking a trip to Roanoke Island, NC! It is a gorgeous area filled with activities, shopping, amazing food, and more! In case you need extra convincing, here are three reasons to plan your trip to Roanoke Island, NC!


1.     Something for Everyone

Roanoke Island truly does have something for everyone to enjoy. Not only are there beautiful beaches, but there are attractions such as aquariums, parks, and aquariums! There are many options, each of which will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

2.     Beautiful Sights, Rich History

Of course, Roanoke is renowned for its history of being the Lost Colony. Not only are there plenty of modern enjoyments to experience, but you can experience the history here, too! Many places offer reenactments of what the Lost Colony may have been like, as well as museums showing the history.

3.     A Hidden Gem

While many may know the name Roanoke, not many people at all know what it’s like to truly experience it. Roanoke Island is full of beautiful attractions, fun, and a little bit of mystery! Come enjoy all Roanoke Island has to offer. Get started on your journey by picking the perfect Bed and Breakfast to enhance the charm of your stay!

Now that you’re prepared with all the tips, all you have to do is find the perfect place to stay.  Come experience all that Roanoke has to offer, by staying with us at Island House Bed and Breakfast! Our bed and breakfast has a rich history, which only adds to the cozy historic feel of Roanoke Island. We offer quaint rooms decorated with antiques, and special prices and packages! To make your reservation, call us at 252-473-5619.

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